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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Time management tips for ibps clerk exam IBPS

Time management tips for ibps clerk exam
Which section i have to start first?,this question will create tension in mind.If you did not decided yet,lets have some tips to crack exam in given time.

What’s happening in exam hall?
This is the first time you are taking this exam? then know what will happening in exam hall or you took exams already,then learn what you have to do and don’t in exam hall while writing the exam.
Without proper planning,it’s not possible or less chances to get success(qualify),some students basically have good knowledge and not get qualifying,because of lack of knowledge to set time and sections have to start and pressure.Because of these simple thing so many students not qualifying.

Which section i have to start first? and why?
Always start your exam with general awareness,after completion pf this section select computer knowledge section,then English.At last follow reasoning and numerical ability.

Why you have to start with general awareness then computer knowledge and English
These 3 sections will take less time and gives you confident,because of questions are easy,so it’s creates interest in you on exam.
If you start with reasoning or numerical ability,all questions are problem based and will take much time.Almost More than half-half the exam time have to spent for these 2 sections.

it’s better to follow, the following order
1.General awareness
2.Computer Knowledge
5.Numerical ability

Time spent suggestions for each section in exam
We know that , ibps clerk exam for 250 questions,and each section have 50 questions.Total time for exam is 150 minutes.
For easy sections,you have to spent less time and more time for tough sections.General awareness and computer knowledge for 30 minutes,each 15 minutes,and for english you have to spent at least 25 minutes.Finally 45 minutes for reasoning and 50 minutes for numerical ability.
Numerical ability-50 questions-50 minutes
Reasoning-50 questions-45 minutes
English-50 questions-25 minutes
Computer Knowledge-50 questions-15 minutes
General awareness-50 questions-15 minutes
We hope,above tips will help you to crack exam and clarity on section, have to start first and why.

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